What Am I Going To Do When I Grow Up?

Powerful Transformations

Lyrical Purpose uses a proven process of coaching partnership:

  • articulating your purpose,
  • choosing long term goals,
  • breaking them down into short term action items,
  • tracking success,
  • and building on your strengths.

Just as in sports coaching, a college-to-career coach can bring greater focus and alignment of potential and performance.  Top performers do not go alone to the Olympics, to the National Championship, or to the Super Bowl; they have a coach.  Join the ranks of elite performers and choose coaching as a partnership guided by your vision of success!

Powerful Transformations Individual Coaching implements this proven process, tapping unlimited motivation for perpetual success.  It takes at least 12-weeks to change a habit.  For example, if you lose a limb, it will take your brain at least 12-weeks to really actually believe that that the limb is gone.

People report that they feel the limb, that it itches or aches, even when they can clearly see that it is gone.  This is how the brain works.  Your brain has deeply etched neuron pathways that speed along processing by forming habits.

Habits have wonderful possibility.  The question is what kind of habits do you really want to have?  What if habits could be our natural rhythm?  What is the benefit of moving to our own rhythm?  How are rhythm and balance connected?  What is the benefit of maintaining balance, as a performer?

Powerful Transformations uses the RIGHT questions to dramatically establish a shift in mindset to a
benefit-seeking perspective.  In keeping with the physical example above, if that limb is gone, there is no benefit to continually focusing on the lost limb…it is gone, and in the same way, in coaching we do not focus on correcting deficiencies or tell you what you should be doing.

We work on your strengths.  We work on the remaining limb that is there to build on those strengths and to track your successes. Working from your strengths is a proven process. Correcting deficiencies will never reach success.

We see what we are looking for; and, what we see, the perspective from which we see is fundamental to creating or composing our reality. In art, we can compose a picture representing what we see.  We can choose to represent the objects using negative space, or in other words, by what is NOT there OR by positive space, by looking at what IS there.

In art, it is also our creative choice to form a composition that is meaningful to us. So, what if it is possible to do that same in life?  What if we can choose also to define our reality by what IS there, by the positive?  What would be the value of always seeing what can be? of defining our possibilities? of practicing our passion with purpose?

When we are practicing our passion with purpose, we move with balance, rhythm, and energy.  When we develop our strengths, we grow. When we grow through practice, we are perfect.  Perfectly successful. Perfectly balanced. Perfectly growing.  Perfectly who we are. So, to see genuine long-term value, 12-weeks is the ideal time frame to commit to yourself for long term changes of habitual thought patterns.

Partner with me to discover your passion, apply your strengths, and develop YOUR own Lyrical Purpose!

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Lyrical Purpose offers & recommends all potential clients sign up for a free Get Focused session to see what coaching is, see if coaching suits your needs, and see if we are a good fit for your situation.

• What is the benefit of having a sounding board?
• What would be the value of creating your vision of success?
• What if you could identify your motivations & tap them?
• What if you had accountability for your plans?
• What would balance & rhythm in your life be worth to you?

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