What Am I Going To Do When I Grow Up?

Life Potentials

Tap YOUR Unlimited Potential

Tap YOUR Unlimited Potential

WHAT would your life look like IF you were able to discover and tap into your unique passion, vision, gifts, and abilities; and then, without worry, fear, or doubt, share the real you with everyone you work and live with?

WHAT IF you had the ability to walk into any room, and without even saying a word, were able to inspire the people in that room to do much more than they would have on their own?

And, WHAT IF you were sure that they were motivated and engaged not only to take positive and productive action, but that their results would be extraordinary and sustainable?

WHAT IF there was a skill set and system that could help you get much more done in much less time, without any extra effort, and know how to help others do the same?

WHAT would it mean to you IF, after speaking with someone who was important to you, that person felt as if you knew them better than they knew themselves?

One Course Can Deliver All That, And Much More, Into Your Life.

Everyone has potential. Everyone has dreams. Everyone has plans and desires. Not everyone takes action to reach their potential, live their dreams, and live as they desire and choose to. In fact, while most people truly want to live in a different world, they don’t know how they can actually effect the change they’d like to see, and so, they do nothing.

How ready are you to be the spark that ignites your life and the lives of those you live and work with? If you’re ready, then it’s time to come to iPEC’s Life Potentials Training, where you can create your future, now.

Here is just a sampling of what you will learn:

  • A technique for immediately shifting someone’s energy from catabolic (negative and destructive) to anabolic (positive and constructive)
  • A process for eliminating the impact of people and situations that push your buttons
  • A way of listening and responding to others so that they see that you clearly understand them, quickly building connection, rapport, and minimizing resistance
  • A method to empower others to find their own solutions and build their motivation to follow through on the new ideas
  • The ability to help expand your own and someone else’s creativity and find new solutions and opportunities in any situation
  • An unique approach to help people set goals in such a way that they are easily attainable
  • A transformational, breakthrough process that will eliminate resistance and inner blocks, help you identify core beliefs that hold you and others back, and consciously redesign those beliefs so that they fuel you and help you work toward your potential
  • A talent to see opportunity when others see problems and to look at what’s right, instead of what’s wrong
  • The capability to consciously recognize when you are reacting to life’s circumstance versus choosing exactly how you want to act, even in life’s most challenging moments
  • A way to inspire and champion others to see and act upon their own greatness
  • And… the 10 rules for living a high-potential life!

For those wishing to continue on to become professional coaches, and others who want to continue their journey of self-mastery, while this is a course in itself, it’s still only the first of four modules in our complete coaching program!

To learn more about the Life Potentials Training, contact Evie and say Evelyn Van Til referred you:

Evie DiPiazza, CEC, PCC, AELC

Director of Corporate Relations and Community Services
iPEC Coaching
616-604-1291 Office
616-604-6926 Fax


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Choose Your Potential!

Choose Your Potential!


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