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What if education happens every time we learn?

Consider for a moment: what is the difference between a degree and education?

So, how could it be helpful to shift the focus from  degree completion to learning?

How could this shift in perspective make the practice of learning far more purposeful and passionate?

For you, what is the value of a degree? Where is the value of a degree? When is the reward or success of a degree?

What do you think?  What would it mean to know?

So, what IS the value of a degree? Does it guarantee an educated person? Does it ensure meaningful employment? Any employment? What about success? or happiness?

A lot of people hyper-focus on the completion of the degree.   Often we feel we “have to” complete the degree so we can get on with our lives.  When we do that, we work from the standpoint that education is something we must “get through.”  This deeply affects the quality of our education because if we aren’t engaged, it reduces our ability to articulate our knowledge and transfer our skills to new situations.   This impacts our satisfaction, our happiness, our success…

So, what motivates you?  what is graduation about for you?  …and how are you on planning your career?

For me, I got a flat tire. Yes. that’s right. I am celebrating a flat tire.

I am grateful because, even through it went flat on 270 in the middle lane after hitting road debris, I am safe. I pulled over successfully and had my cell phone so I could call for roadside assistance.

I am grateful because a state worker stopped and made sure I was ok.

I am grateful because I got my email read while waiting for the assistance to show up. Even though my spare tire was also flat and so the first truck they sent out couldn’t help me and we called a tow truck that took 45 minutes to show up, it was great because I had my wireless and got work done.

I am grateful because even though I missed a college fair I was going to in Newark, I got to spend time while my tire was being replaced updating a brochure I’m making on workshops and presentations for college-bound students.

So, it’s possible to have a great day no matter what happens if we choose to see the benefits of what happens.

Choose to have a wonderful day!

Evelyn Van Til

Practicing Purpose with Passion!