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Power of Choice

Posted on: January 11, 2009

When we tell ourselves we “have to” do anything, what is the result? How often does “I shouldn’t eat that” turn into eating it? How often does “I should study or complete this work” turn into procrastination? So, what if we said, “I don’t want that?” How often would we then eat it? If I say, I want to clean my living room, what is likely to happen? When we shift our language from “have to” and “should” to “want to” and “choose to,” what happens?

We discover the power of choice. And so, if the power of choice is a conduit to motivation, when we know the purpose of something, it provides a rationale or a reason to motivate, then the goal or task takes on a new level of priority for us. Suddenly, we care. And, when we truly care about something, we move.

So, what would you WANT TO change from a HAVE TO to a WANT TO? What might that mean for you today?


2 Responses to "Power of Choice"

Thanks for bringing that up. It is spot post-NYE resolutions. The power of choice is a nice concepts. It gives us all a sense of being in control and being rather independent. Yet, that’s only true on the surface. What determines our wants and choices is subject to a range of factors and only by becoming aware of what actually hinders us on the subconscious level we can tap into the world of choice. That may be hard and painful work, we are often too afraid to ask why we still want to please a parent, go for the social approval or make choices that are our own but would hurt others.
I have reflected on choice in the context of facebook and de-friending:
another field where making choices can mean to call for trouble.

[…] “What is the Point?” is another way of asking “Why?’ and gets at the central motivating reason or purpose of the goal.    Knowing the purpose of a goal is much more likely to move me into action.  Simply telling myself “I have to do this or that” makes me actually resist or procrastinate action.  When, we know why we are doing something, we have the power of choice. […]

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